Automation from confirmation to settlement, designed for the commodities and FX markets. 

Automate Your Post-Trade Workflow

Cutting-edge technology with enterprise-grade security so you can manage the trade lifecycle with confidence

Discover exceptions in real-time

  • Reduce trade confirmation times from 24 hours to under 1 hour on average
  • Affirm your net settlement amounts automatically — without time-consuming emails and phone calls to all your counterparties
  • Receive automated notifications of mismatched trades and settlement breaks, reducing potential market exposure and strengthening fraud controls

Save time​

  • Eliminate 90 percent of time spent on confirmations and settlement process management through automation
  • Free up teams to focus on exception management
  • Expedite investigation of out trades with searchable data

Works for any counterparty — no integration required

  • No installation or integration required
  • Streamline confirmation and settlement netting for all counterparties within a single platform — whether or not they work with Paxos
  • Submit trade details in your preferred format, including SWIFT, CSV, SFTP, API, bulk upload or by click-to-confirm

Simplify auditing and exception management​

  • Protect sensitive data, leveraging data storage and transfer methods that are more secure than email
  • Quickly retrieve data required for audit purposes
  • Access raw data and bespoke reports to benchmark counterparty operational performance

How It Works

Automated Post-Trade services simplify settlement and reduce errors

Paxos receives trade data

Execute trades as you do today, using your existing platforms and relationships. Import trade data in any format, including API, JSON, CSV, XLS, XML, PDF and more. 

Confirmation trades

Automatically send and match trade confirmations with all counterparties, with real time discrepancy management.

Confirm netted settlement details

Automatically calculate and verify payment and delivery amounts, locations and SSIs with all counterparties. 

Instruct transfer

Automatically generate and send transfer instructions to your banks, vaults, warehouses and depositories. 

Value of transactions confirmed

>$ 1 T

Number of transactions confirmed

> 650000

A Look Inside the Paxos Post-Trade Experience

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Contact Us

Please contact us for a live demonstration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe we are the most cost effective post-trade automation platform in the market. Set-up costs are typically zero, allowing you to get started with no upfront cost or risk. Pricing is based on volume, with enterprise packages available. Request a quote by emailing 

We’re constantly expanding our capabilities based on the needs of our clients. Today Paxos Post-Trade can automatically confirm and settle trades for over 125 product codes, including precious metals, base metals, energy, freight, agricultures and FX. Our platform is built to scale — new assets can be added as quickly as within one business day. Request a new product by emailing

Paxos Post-Trade provides full end-to-end automation of the post trade lifecycle, from trade confirmations to settlement affirmations and transfer instructions. This includes end-to-end transfer instruction management for depositories.

Using Paxos and a single feed of trade level data, you can automatically create trade confirmations, calculate and agree net settlement amounts and generate transfer instructions.

Schedule a demo! A Paxos Post-Trade representative would be happy to walk you through the platform’s features and benefits in a live demo. Email us at to schedule.

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