We are hiring the best

We work in a collaborative and transparent environment where colleagues hold each other accountable and no ideas go unheard.

We’re looking for ambitious individuals who embody our core values. Our diverse team shares an intellectual curiosity for new technologies, willingness to help others succeed and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Core Values

As a company, we have a positive impact on the world.

We operate by these principles:

Search for the Truth

We obsess over the right answers to the right questions

Real-Time Candor

We communicate directly and honestly with each other

Shared Commitment to Excellence

We are relentlessly self-improving

Be an Owner

We drive results, even outside our roles

What it’s like to work at Paxos

Chad Cascarilla, CEO & Co-Founder

Paxos is named as the 24th best place to work in NYC by BuiltInNYC

Chad Cascarilla, CEO & Co-Founder

Bloomberg covers news that Paxos has received a No-Action letter from the SEC to introduce its new settlement service.

Chad Cascarilla, CEO & Co-Founder

Patrick O'Shaughnessy sits down with Paxos CEO and Co-Founder Charles Cascarilla to discuss the future of blockchain and financial services.

Chad Cascarilla, CEO & Co-Founder

Wall Street Journal does an in-depth feature of what the Paxos Settlement Service is and what it means for the future.

Chad Cascarilla, CEO & Co-Founder

Get to know Paxos

Meet our Co-Founder and CEO Charles Cascarilla.

Chad Cascarilla, CEO & Co-Founder

BuiltIn NYC

Behind the scenes at Paxos.

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Our Hiring Process

At Paxos, we have a straightforward hiring process that applies to all candidates. Once you’ve received a confirmation email, your application enters the review process. From there, we will review and someone from our team will respond, regardless of the outcome.

A member of the Paxos recruiting team schedules an initial phone call to get a better sense of your personality and work experience.

If we feel you are an appropriate candidate, we ask that you complete a brief assignment to assess your skills and general knowledge.

If we are impressed with your assignment, we ask you to come on-site and meet some members of the Paxos team.

If we feel your background and personality are a fit for Paxos and our core values, we invite you back for a final interview.

All candidates that make it to this stage in our process are asked to provide a few references. We then reach out to learn more about your work style and ethic.

If we feel that you’re a fit, we’ll offer you a position on our team. Welcome to Paxos!

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