Paxos is the first Blockchain-powered Trust, building products
to simplify settlement
and eliminate risk

The Paxos Advantage

Eliminating settlement risk starts with the ability to settle assets and payments simultaneously. That’s why Paxos combines regulated Trust status with distributed ledger technology to create a modern settlement platform.


Paxos' regulated Trust status enables the movement of assets and cash

Blockchain Technology

By operating with blockchain technology, Paxos is able to exchange assets and payments simultaneously and quickly

Modern Settlement Platform

A platform that easily integrates with your current systems, purpose built to eliminate settlement risk


Paxos is able to settle trades instantaneously and with fewer counterparties. This lowers your counterparty risk exposure and redeploys capital back into value creating activities.


By automating settlement with blockchain, Paxos simplifies the entire post-trade process, eliminating operational cost currently used to manage legacy systems.


Paxos lowers your cost to operate and delivers a low fee structure, saving you money on every transaction.

Introducing Paxos Standard (PAX)

The Paxos Standard token is now available for purchase.

1 PAX = $1 USD

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