Commodities Settlement


Reduce Your Settlement Risk

Cutting-edge automation technology with enterprise-grade security
so you can manage your post-trade workflow with confidence

Settle with confidence

  • Automate and manage precious metal settlements through a single interface
  • Reduce counterparty settlement risk through Simultaneous Settlement
  • Affirm your SSIs automatically — without manual entry, time-consuming emails or phone calls to every counterparty
  • See where your funds are with real-time visibility into settlements and balances

Save time and overhead costs

  • Eliminate 90 percent of time spent on post-trade process management through automation
  • Free up team capacity to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Reduce capital costs through trade compression, limiting counterparty exposure and margin requirements​


  • 无需安装或者技术接入
  • 只需一个平台,简化所有合作伙伴的确认以及交割结算轧差流程(是否为Paxos用户都适用)
  • 以您偏好的方式(包括SWIFT, CSV, SFTP, API)批量上传或点击确认,一键提交交易详情

Increase security and auditability

  • Leverage enterprise-grade information security to access automatically generated audit data and reports quickly and securely
  • Reduce information leakage and fraud risk by limiting email and paper workflow
  • 访问原始数据和定制报告,衡量交易对手的运营绩效



Trade executed and confirmed

Execute trades as you do today, using your existing platforms and relationships. Paxos receives trade data in any format, including API, JSON, CSV, XLS, XML, PDF, and automatically confirms your trades–or alerts you of discrepancies.

Automated settlement affirmations matched by Paxos

Paxos automatically calculates and verifies payment and delivery amounts, locations and SSIs with all counterparties.

Paxos processes the instructions

Paxos automatically generates and sends transfer instructions to your banks, vaults, warehouses and depositories.

Paxos automates simultaneous settlement and manages withdrawals

Cash and Precious Metals are held in your own account until the point of settlement, at which point they are simultaneously transferred, reducing risk.


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> 650000


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