Monthly Attestation Reports

Paxos Trust Company has engaged Withum, a nationally top-ranking auditing firm, to independently verify at specific points in time that the entire supply of Paxos Standard tokens is consistent with USD in reserve accounts at U.S. banks held and managed by Paxos.

Withum performs month-end attestations of these accounts using standards established by the AICPA. Every attestation report that has been published since the launch of Paxos Standard can be viewed below.

$241,194,726.15 PAX

$164,099,588.07 PAX
$164,099,588.07 USD

$165,306,284.89 PAX
$165,306,284.89 USD

$160,737,039.03 PAX
$160,737,039.03 美元

$118,048,457.66 PAX
$118,048,457.66  美元

$109,543,189.70 PAX
$109,543,189.70 USD

$127,673,513.10 PAX
$127,673,513.10 USD

$142,326,370.28 PAX
$142,326,370.28 USD

$161,927,704.55 PAX
$161,927,704.55 USD

$109,307,012.75 PAX
$109,307,012.75 USD

$14,644,074.19 PAX
$14,644,074.19 USD