Excitement about blockchain technology continues to accelerate at a frenetic pace and nowhere is this enthusiasm stronger than in financial services. It is against this backdrop that we are releasing The Repository, a blog dedicated to covering how blockchain technology is transforming the financial industry. 

The Repository promises to deliver unique insights from the experienced business and technology experts that are architecting our Bankchain solution. Our blog will also deliver fresh perspectives from respected industry thought leaders.

The Repository will offer readers:

  • Expert insights on innovative financial blockchain solutions and business applications.
  • Educational content that explores the fundamentals of financial blockchains, distributed ledger systems, smart contracts and other important concepts.
  • Webinars and podcasts focusing on key topics at the intersection of blockchain technology and financial services.


We are also excited about our new podcast series, Around the Block, which will feature insightful discussions with industry experts and thought leaders. Episode one coming soon! 

Follow us on Twitter (@PaxosGlobal), LinkedIn or sign up for an email subscription to stay up-to-date with the latest releases on The Repository. Our team also invites you to share your feedback and topic suggestions at therepository@paxos.com

We hope you find The Repository to be a valuable resource.


Ben Pousty

Editor-In-Chief, The Repository