Paxos Releases Ninth Monthly Attestation of PAX and USD Reserves

On May 31, 2019, Paxos issued its ninth monthly attestation of PAX and USD reserves. Each month, our independent auditor  reviews and attests to Paxos’ reserves. Click here to review the report.

As of May 31, 165,306,284.89 PAX tokens are in circulation and Paxos holds $165,306,284.89 dollars in reserve.

Paxos is committed to transparency and creating a global, frictionless economy. It is a chartered  Trust company regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services. Notably, PAX is the most liquid, fully-backed and regulated stablecoin available to customers today.


Paxos is a financial technology company modernizing finance by mobilizing assets at the speed of the internet.

Co Founder and CEO:
Charles Cascarilla



RRE Ventures, Canaan Partners,
Liberty City Ventures

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