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How do I set up an account?

itBit Exchange: Please register with itBit to begin trading on our itBit digital asset exchange. You will need to enter some personal information so we can confirm your identification.  For individual traders, it usually takes 2-4 minutes to create an account. Institutional traders will need to complete our onboarding form, at which point our compliance team will begin its review process.

PAX: Create a Paxos account to purchase or redeem Paxos Standard (PAX) tokens. PAX is always available 1:1 for USD when you transact directly with Paxos. There are no fees or minimums.

Custody: To inquire about Paxos Custody services, please complete the form on this page or email

Post-Trade: To create an account for Paxos Post-Trade confirmation services, please complete the form on this page or email

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