Transforming the Precious Metals Market

Built on Paxos’ flagship blockchain settlement platform, Bankchain Precious Metals brings instant settlement and simultaneous delivery versus payment to the London bullion market.

Precious Metals Starting with Gold



Bankchain's innovative digitization process turns physical gold into a digital asset that can move at electronic speed. Bankchain Precious Metals improves operational efficiency, reduces capital charges and opens new opportunities for market participants

Unlocking New Opportunities

Fast Dynamic TradingFast, Dynamic Trading

Instant settlement, frictionless movement of gold globally

Simultaneous Delivery vs Payment for Gold

Simultaneous Delivery vs Payment for Gold

Simultaneous movement of bullion and payment reduces counterparty risk

Best of Unallocated and Allocated Markets

Best of Unallocated and Allocated Gold

Settle in non-standard bar sizes with perfected ownership and less uncertainty

New Cost Savings

New Cost Savings

Reduced capital charges, increased operational efficiency through automation



Pledge Gold as Collateral Globally

Gold Trading that Follows the Sun

Digital gold can be used as eligible collateral all over the world without leaving the vault. Many global exchanges and clearinghouses accept gold as collateral for trading across multiple asset classes, not just in precious metals.

Gold Trading that Follows the Sun

A trader begins the day by using a digital gold to meet margin requirements for trading in Hong Kong. Once positions have been flattened, the metal can be transferred digitally, through Bankchain Precious Metals, for reuse in London, New York and other global financial centers during the same trading day.